Weekly Update

On Friday, the most amazing thing happened, I got star of the week!

I got it because I asked lots of relevant and thought provoking questions on our trip last Wednesday to the Eco Centre in Southport. Also, due to excellent behaviour within all lessons and around school.

On Monday, it was the first day back after half term and we were excited to see what we were learning about. We learnt that we are learning about the Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

In maths, we look at column subtraction and how we exchange so that we can find the answer.

In music, we are practicing for our Christmas performance.

On Tuesday, it was the Halloween disco, it was amazing. I dressed up as Mildred Monday (from the worst witch), there were lots of great costumes there. I hope that you all had a Spooktacular Halloween.

On top table I am going to choose IH who I want to say thank you for helping me write the blog.

GF (star of the week).

I would like to say how proud I am of the Y3 children with their great behaviour and attitude towards our first class trip. We were complimented by the centre for the engagement by the children and the great questions that they produced during the different activities on the day.
You deserve a pat on the back!

Miss Swift.

New Term Update

This half term, we are going to be exploring the book Stone Age Boy. We will use this across the curriculum to deepen our understanding of the Stone Age. The book was written by our author in the spotlight Satoshi Kitamura and is filled with engaging pictures as well as informative text for us to use and learn from.

We are going to be producing writing about the book in English, which will first be a diary entry as the main character of the book.

In history, we will be looking at how Stone Age people lived and learn about settlements so that we can understand what life was like then and compare it to our lives.

Science is fun-filled as we are learning about magnets and their uses, with some investigations to help us understand how they work.

I look forward to the excitement this half term will bring.

Miss Swift.

Book Review for Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox is one of our recommended reads in Y3. Our recommended reads were lent out last week for the first group of children to start reading them. GF has returned Fantastic Mr Fox and would like to leave a review for her classmates to help them decide whether this is a book that they would like to read.

Fantastic Mr Fox was an AMAZING Book. Will he survive with the terrible tractors and the shooting? Roald Dahl is a fantastic author I couldn’t put the book down!!  I want to read it again!! The characters are Mr Fox,Mrs Fox, The small Foxes, Badger, Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Will the foxes starve to death with no food? It’s the best book I have read and I have read a lot of books!! I think you’ll love it. I think that it is the best book that Roald Dahl wrote. My favourite part was when they had a great feast at the end.

I hope you enjoy it too,


Weekly Update Y3S

This week in PE, we continued developing our netball skills and played some games to practice our passing and tactics to trick defenders. In art, we have continued to look at hatching and cross-hatching in drawings and practised how we can recreate these techniques. In maths, we have looked at the perimeter of shapes by walking the perimeter of our playground to understand what the term means. We then started measuring the perimeter of different shapes and tackling some tricky perimeter problems. In English, we have been looking at some speech and what punctuation we need to use when writing sentences including speech. We have been focussing on our presentation this week and are working hard to achieve gold stars for our writing in all lessons.

Well done to IH for getting the star of the week for their enthusiasm for learning and excitement for our English work on writing speech for our book Orion and the Dark.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Miss Swift.

Weekly Update Y3S

This week we have:

  • learned that Orion is scared of lots of things especially dark.
  • looked at how Orion could have made better solutions to his problem.
  • written speech to show how Orion’s feeling in the book.
  • drawn pictures for animations.
  • been learning to write numbers from 0 to 1,000.
  • looked at shadow puppets and how they work.

Thank you to our previous stars of the week winners SG and NBS for writing about what we have done in Year 3.

This week, we have sent home letter for our first class trip, if you have any questions or your letter hasn’t made its way home please speak to a member of staff in the coming week.

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Miss Swift.

Friday News Y3S

We have had a busy week in Y3.

We have:

  • looked at how light travel and can be reflected in science.
  • looked at our main character Orion and analysed his fears from out context book.
  • looked at sequences of numbers and filling in missing numbers.
  • explored how music can make you feel and how to choreograph a dance to match.
  • learnt how to perfect the chest pass and the bounce pass.
  • looked at Van Gogh’s first famous painting The Potato Eaters and identified key things in the picture to help us learn about his style of artwork.
  • looked at adding suffixes -ness -less -ful and -ment to words.
We have lots more to explore this week.

Welcome to Year 3!

Here in Year, 3 we have a lot of exciting things to come.


This week we have started by looking at light and dark with the help of our class book Orion and the Dark. We will be exploring this topic throughout the curriculum in the coming weeks, for more detail on this please see the context for learning on our school website.

Further to this, we have many exciting topics to explore throughout this school year including the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. I am delighted to join the Year 3 team and I am looking forward to the fun-filled year ahead.

Miss Swift.


Last week


What a fantastic week we had last week! In English we are learning about the features of instructions and in Maths we have been applying our addition and subtraction skills to problem solve!

Thursday was Sports Day – I am very proud of all the children’s achievements.

We are looking forward to our Titanic afternoon tea on Friday 13th July.

Our attendance record last week was 96.1%.

Star of the week update…

Last week in Maths we learnt how to read and make block diagrams, tally charts and tables. In English we are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have summarised the events of chapter 1. My favourite part is where George starts to make the medicine.

Our attendance was 98%. We won class points with 73!