Welcome to Year 3!

Here in Year, 3 we have a lot of exciting things to come.


This week we have started by looking at light and dark with the help of our class book Orion and the Dark. We will be exploring this topic throughout the curriculum in the coming weeks, for more detail on this please see the context for learning on our school website.

Further to this, we have many exciting topics to explore throughout this school year including the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. I am delighted to join the Year 3 team and I am looking forward to the fun-filled year ahead.

Miss Swift.


One thought on “Welcome to Year 3!

  1. IH

    I’m so excited to be in your class and to be learning about Orion and the dark. I have enjoyed doing place value in our maths lessons ,I have also learnt my 4 times tables now I enjoy practising them. I really like our topic in science: light sources, I liked our experiment with torches, how we found out that the light travels in a straight line. I like where my locker is and where I sit on table 3 and hope you do too.
    love Isabelle


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