Weekly Update Y3S

This week we have:

  • learned that Orion is scared of lots of things especially dark.
  • looked at how Orion could have made better solutions to his problem.
  • written speech to show how Orion’s feeling in the book.
  • drawn pictures for animations.
  • been learning to write numbers from 0 to 1,000.
  • looked at shadow puppets and how they work.

Thank you to our previous stars of the week winners SG and NBS for writing about what we have done in Year 3.

This week, we have sent home letter for our first class trip, if you have any questions or your letter hasn’t made its way home please speak to a member of staff in the coming week.

I hope that you all have a great weekend!

Miss Swift.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update Y3S

  1. Tillie

    I’ve really enjoyed learning about Orion and the Dark. This book is amazing I never want to stop reading this book. I’m really interested in this book because Dark drops from space and I really love space.
    It took a long time to write numbers from 0-1,000. Phew I did it all.
    I really enjoyed when I held up the scarecrow shadow puppet. We learned how to make the shadow puppets go smaller or bigger.
    I’m looking forward to going on the school trip because people pick up rubbish because they protect the animals of the ocean because I don’t want them to go extinct
    Love Tillie xxx


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