Weekly Update Y3S

This week in PE, we continued developing our netball skills and played some games to practice our passing and tactics to trick defenders. In art, we have continued to look at hatching and cross-hatching in drawings and practised how we can recreate these techniques. In maths, we have looked at the perimeter of shapes by walking the perimeter of our playground to understand what the term means. We then started measuring the perimeter of different shapes and tackling some tricky perimeter problems. In English, we have been looking at some speech and what punctuation we need to use when writing sentences including speech. We have been focussing on our presentation this week and are working hard to achieve gold stars for our writing in all lessons.

Well done to IH for getting the star of the week for their enthusiasm for learning and excitement for our English work on writing speech for our book Orion and the Dark.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, see you on Monday.

Miss Swift.

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